Waffle Jolie - Melbourne's Sweet Little Waffle Biz

Waffle Jolie specialises in creating artisan Belgian waffles.

Started up by a Parisian (now a Melbournian) whose favourite childhood treat was waffles, Waffle Jolie has transformed a traditional European street food into a gourmet product while supporting ethical farming practices along the way.

We source pastured eggs from local farms where chickens are free to forage during the day. The chooks that lay our eggs are not debeaked or beak trimmed. In fact, we only work with genuine free range egg suppliers that don't practice other forms of egg production (e.g. cage, barn or aviary eggs) and where free range really means free range.

We use real butter, never margarine or vegetable fat. 

Our waffles are sweetened with pearl sugar imported from Belgium, not inverted sugar. It creates pockets of crunchiness that is typical of authentic Liege waffles and its golden caramelisation.

The 100% pure vanilla extract that gives our waffles their irresistible aroma comes from an organic plantation that provides employment to the local community.

And we don’t add any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

Rave Reviews 

"I suggested to my brother to try one of your waffles. I came back and he had eaten two thirds of them, the bastard. He loves them!"Jarett 

"I shared my last waffle with my partner last night. We put maple syrup on these ones and I think my knees went weak!" Amber 

"Best waffles in the world! "Vito

"Bloody awesome!" Katy

"Your waffles are simply amazing!" Vanessa 

"Just letting you know that we all love the waffles.  I didn't get a chance to even take photos or decorate them as we ate them before I could...! " Tessa 

Get Our Belgian Waffles

Wholesale to cafes - We supply wholesale Belgian waffles to cafes in Melbourne and regional Victoria Queensland, NSW and ACT. Cafes that currently serve our waffles include Emporia at Myer Melbourne, Rivers Cafe in Yarrambat and Capital Kitchen in Myer. More info ordering about wholesale Belgian waffles….

Direct to customers - You can order directly from us for private functions or corporate events. Contact Kathleen on 0407 238 246 for details.

Events and Pop Ups - Stay abreast of our occasional "pop ups" through Waffle Jolie's Facebook page